The Athenæum.

Here is a collection of writings, a library or athenæum if you will. The writings included here are apocryphal, spiritual, and more often than not of greater literary than true divine inspiration. Some may be written by me, some by others—but they all share the same goal of expressing themselves in whatever way their author pleases. Here you can read to your heart's delight, without anyone spoiling your fun.

The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ
Purported to be the complete life and times of Jesus Christ, recovered from God's book of remembrance via spiritual communion by Levi Dowling between 1906 and 1908. Unique in its perspective on Jesus, his message, and Christhood. Adopted by and influences numerous New Age groups in the present day.
My God, My King
On the hillsides of Adumai sit two whores: the cities of Kenaaz and Jubal. They are wretched places of sin and all depravity; until there is heard a cry from the north: a strange entity known only by the few who know him as the 'god-on-the-mountain.' Where he shall take the sons of Kenaaz no man knows.